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Brandob Sanderson
Short works
Firstborn (2008)
Defending Elysium (2008)
Infinity Blade: Awakening (novella) (2011)
Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine coauthored with Ethan Skarstedt, released in ARMORED Anthology (April 2012)
Legion (novella) (2012) прочитано
The Emperor's Soul (novella) (2012) прочитано

Stand-alone novels
Elantris прочитано
Warbreaker прочитано

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones
Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia
Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens

Mistborn: The Final Empire прочитано
Mistborn: The Well of Ascension прочитано
Mistborn: The Hero of Ages прочитано
Mistborn: The Alloy of Law прочитано
Mistborn: Shadows of Self (forthcoming, 2014)

Reckoners trilogy[edit]
Steelheart (forthcoming, September 24 2013)

Rithmatist series
The Rithmatist (May 14 2013) прочитано

The Stormlight Archive
The Way of King sпрочитано
Words of Radiance (forthcoming fall 2013)[37]

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