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Пишет Finns:

Значится, Элантрис - город с зомбями: де-факто мертвы, но двигаются, и жрать хочется смертно, а каждая царапина болит вечность, они же ж мертвые и на них ничего не заживает.

Галладон про Сарене, "жену" Раодона
" если эта женщина твоя судьба, то бог смилостивился над тобой, послав тебя сюда". Добрый, да?

Ууи... и непосредственно свадьба:
Sarene grabbed Raoden's arm in a firm grip. "Walk." she ordered, nodding toward the doorway. This time, she wasn't letting go until someone married them.
Шаг вправо, шаг влево... Прелестная женушка.

И планы соломенной вдовы:
"Domi protect them-they don't know what we've shipped over there. Go easy on them, Leky Stick. I don't want
to get a note from Minister Naolen in a month telling me that King Iadon has run off to join a Korathi monastery and the Arelish people have named you monarch instead."
"All right," Sarene said with a wan smile. "I'll wait at least two months then."
А вот последнее было враньем. Не прошло и месяца.

"BOOKS ! " Raoden said with excitement.
"Should never have brought you here," Galladon muttered. "Now I'll never get rid of you."
Да, книжкочервячество форева! а чем еще заняться бедным мертвым...

И импрессионисткие экзерсисы
"No, really, Your Highness. When you started painting five years ago, I could never tell what it was you were trying to depict."
"And this is a painting of . ."
Ashe paused. "A bowl of fruit?" he asked hopefully.

И про муженька
"Sule, my hama would love you. She always complained that I don't get enough exercise."

"Perhaps," Raoden said. "But you wouldn't be having half as much fun. You'd be
chained to your boredom."
"I'm so glad you liberated me, sule."
какие добрые люди!

Определение немертвого человека. раоден и Калладон
"That we aren't dead, my friend."
"No heartbeat. No breathing. No blood. I couldn't agree with you more."

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Я люблю Profit, а он меня - нет. Полюбит, сцуко!
Сарин прекрасна, а Раоден просто :heart:

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God creates food, the devil creates the seasoning (с) Sanji
да, согласна, хотя мне его приятель больше нравится. Но это дело принципа. Сарене, да, на нее где сядешь, там и слезешь


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