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19.11.2013 в 21:13
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Allomantic pick-up line
"Will you be the push to my pull?"

You know ferrings get bigger the more pewter they tap?

It's a good thing I'm a gasper, you took my breath away!

Are you burning zinc? There's a riot in my pants.

With my bendalloy I will stop the world...

"Are you tapping your chromiummind? Cause you're about to get lucky."

"Is that a spike in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"I don't need tin to see how beautiful you are."

"I hope you can tap bronze, 'cause we're gonna be up all night."

•"Hey, are you made of metal? 'Cause baby, I feel like we're being pulled together."

•"Hey baby, I'd really like to pierce your coppercloud."

•"Hey baby, I'm burning atium and I can totally see us getting together."

Are you wearing a brassmind? Because you are smokin hot!

•"You want to know why you should always date a coinshot? Because we really know how to push just right."

•"Hey baby, you know that thugs have the endurance to go all night long."

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